Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tuesday ads on Wednesday

I went to the dollar tree .  I had found Fleishmann's muffin mix earlier.   If something is new, I don't want to buy a lot until I find out of our family likes it,   It was easy and delicious,    It makes 12 calorie conscious muffins with good nutrition.    I bought four more.    I also found ore-Ida frozen potatoes , 1.5 pounds for a dollar.    ...and who says all the food from the dollar store comes from China?    I always read the labels carefully.    Knowing that China has barcodes that start with 6 is a quick reference,   Tiwaiian has 472 I believe.  

The dinners on the right are for my daughter.  Sometomes she forgets her lunch and these are emergency rations, LOL.   


  1.  Grapes 1.99
  2. Berries 2/4
  3. Butter 2/5
  4. Tomatoes 1.99
  5. Corn 2/1
  6. Pie 3.49


  1. Tomatoes .99
  2. Baked beans / bush's 3/5
  3. Tillamook 2/5 -   5/27-5/30 
Five dollar Friday 
Pork tenderloins

There may be some coupons out there for pork tenderloin and baked beans.    

My pick for a rotation would be woncom 318 - 7 percent hambirger of it's still on,    Winco has no ad, so you just have to check.   Another option would be the fish at Winco.     


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