Monday, February 27, 2017

Kitchen management day

Previous blog has the meal plan for,this week.   Yesterday I got split chicken breast for 1.29.  
Today is kitchen management day,

  1. Clean out the fridge, 
  2. De-bone chicken breasts and cook the rib portions for stock and the meat from the bones,   
  3. Clean veggies and make sticks , chop somemcarrots and celery for soup.   
  4. Chicken pieces can  be for a buffalo chicken pizza.    
  5. Box veggies .   
  6. Wash kitchen floor 
  7. Make bread 
  8. Clean the toaster tray.  
  9. Clean the microwave 
  10. Disinfect the sink drains. 
  11. Purge some cookbooks 
  12. Make chocolate rice crispy treats. 
  13. Wash stove vent screen - it's the first of the month for all practical purposes .  
  14. Make split pea soup 
The first thing to do is prioritize so that the things that take the longest get done first.  Enlist hubby  becaise my wrist won't take that much action between de-boning , chickens and making rice crispy treats.   

A calculated serious kitchen management couple of  hours can save a lot of dinner hour time.   Dinner hour becomes a few minutes.    

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