Friday, February 24, 2017

Recipe day - scratch pizza

A bag of diced ham is 2 38  at Winco.   Adding other proteins to ham cubes can stretch the bag into three meals for four.   1/3 of a bag of ham is .80  before you open a can , jar, or package if something you aren't going to use up, think of how you are going to use the rest.  Can it be frozen?   Can you incorporate it into another dish?

  • Ham and pineapple pizza .  Homemade pizza dough, pizza sauce, ham, red pepper, pineapple, cheese.    
  • Pizza crust: no knead food processed thin crust pizza dough 
  • Layer 2 cubes frozen pizza sauce, thin layer of cheese, chopped red pepper from the tops of the pepper, 1/4-1/3 of the ham cubes and a slice of pinespple, cut into pieces.   Pre bake the docked Dough for just enough time to partially brown  the bottom crust, ( 6 minutes or so 450 degrees.    -watch it. We  put ours in a cookie sheet with sides.    Then spread sauce over dough and add toppings,   Return to oven and bake until the bottom is done and the cheese has melted.   
Notes: pizza 🍕 sauce is a dollar at the DT.  Put it in an ice cube tray and freeze.   When it's frozen, place on a freezer bag and pit in the door of the freezer.  Docking  is poking  the dough with a fork about every two inches or so . This keeps the dough from making bubbles on top of it.    Excess pineapple can be on a pimeapple  and cottage cheese salad. With pork chops, sweet and sour chicken or on a fruit salad. Cost 1.87

  • Impossible pie.   One of our families favorites.    Egg, ham, cheese. Layered on a pie plate and add the impossible pie mixture .  Recipe is on the back of the box or on line.  Use another 1/3 of the bag .   Add a salad.   Eggs right now are really cheap.    (.065 each )  1.59 
  • Split pea soup :  split peas were .71 last week.    Add water and some chopped or shredded carrot , maybe some celery and the ham and cook until the peas are soft.    Serve with cornbread or muffins- beer bread?    Probably 2.50 total or less . 

Three meals for an average of two dollars each for the entree
That makes it really easy to not break five dollars even if you make 2 entrees for teen eaters.
Betty Crocker has an on line cookbook.   It's a great resource for recipes, ideas to use up something.   And it's free.    They a,so send you recipes and a calander each year for free if you ask for it,

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