Thursday, February 23, 2017

The ads

These are taken from the internet, I still don't have my ads.  

QFC is same as last week,

Safeways ad is sparse.   The main thing is Foster Farms whole chicken is .78 a pound.    It would be our rotation pick of we needed one,   There are recipes for fast, easy whole chicken cooking on previous blogs.  

Bumble bee tuna .69
20 percent ground beef 199@@
Danton yogurt .48
Oranges .99
Milk 199 gallon @@

Note also QFC has a rewards program.    A pound of sausage is free as well as a box of Cheerios.  

Winco haul -  Winco does not have an ad .  Some things are always a better buy there.  

Two pounds of potatoes are often close to a dollar.   Not perfect, but good tasting,  
Mission tortillas 40 count 6.15
Red bell peppers .68
Bag of fresh broccoli heads 3.98
Roma tomatoes 78 a pound
Note my daughter bought organic on Sunday, Wednesday they were on the edge of too ripe .  I

dehydrated them tomsace them.   More money, less quality
Diced ham 238 ( several meals.)
Grace romatoes 128
Green chillis .72 - up from .58, but still cheaper than name brand
 Graoes 1.25 lbs
Progresso soup 98 , I had a fifty cent coupon for two.   Get beef , it gives you more bang for your buck .  Another case where eco o you is a state of mind.    Beef costs a lot more than chicken.  

Other things that are cheapest at Winco are

  • Frozen veggies 
  • Bread and buns 
  • Great bulk food section 
  • Ice cream 
  • Some meats .  Often I can get 7 percent hamburger for 3.28 
  • Cake mixes 
  • Soeghetti sauce / hunts 
  • Beans, canned unless FM has a sale 
  • Beans, some dry.   DT has the cheaoest pimto  beans not on bulk at Costco.   
  • Eggs - check the price between 18 and a dozen.   It varies which is cheaper. 
  • Flavored mashed potato pouches 
  • Chicken granules 
  • Sliced black olives 

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