Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This weeks adds


Chicken breasts or thighs 1.00

Salad 1.00
Salad dressing 1.00
Blues 2.00 pint
Zucchini .99
Taco shells 1.00
Taco saucr1.00
Corn 2/1.00
Celery .89 bunch


Cake mix .99
Frozen vrggies1.00
Top round 3.25 end price ( BIGI)


Bottom round 2.97
Green beans .89
Onions .33
Tomatoes 1.00
Beans .79


Grapes .99
Salad 1.00
Fryers .89

Five dollar Fridays


97 percent hamburger 3.99
Peppers 1.99 lb
Strawberries 1.99

Just for you
Klondike bars 2.49
Sausage 2.49

Dont forget to cross off anything that is cheaper elsewhere , and anything that you don't need or want. Bring coupons if it is necessary. Download any you need to on your store cards. Decide from what's left which two stores you are going to.

That's all. It is getting g harder and harder to find protein sources.
Note that top roast is 2.97. And good hamburger is 3.99. That's about a dollar a pound difference. grind 5 pounds in about 20 minutes and you are making 15 dollars an hour.
And you are getting better hamburger.

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