Saturday, October 27, 2012

Let's talk about just for you and compare grocery stores

No, I don't have stock in Safeways. I have found that besides the regular low prices, the people are really nice and helpful if you can't find something. They are one of the few stores that carry no sugar added ice cream. You sign up for "Just 4 You" there is an additional discounts on your grocery bill.

I got 5 dollars off, if I spent fifty dollars--not a hard feat at the grocery store.
That's ten percent. Add that to the 3 dollars I got off veggies if I spent 15.00 and I got my veggies for 30 percent off. Some of the vegetables were already marked down because of the just 4 you. Roma tomatoes were .79 less 30 percent (.58)

There was five dollars off twenty dollars worth of ranchers reserve meat, but I haven't figured out how that works yet. I haven't needed that much meat.

It is well worth signing up for it.

I don't know what's Up with Albertsons, but I don't find many real bargains there anymore. After they left Edmonds , they are hard to get to, and I do t see the bargains.

QFC used to be the most expensive of the regular chains. They are still expensive unless you find a good sale.

Years ago, the herald made up a typical grocery list and sent people out to buy the exact list at four different stores. QFC was the most expensive, Fred Meyer was the cheapest. How ironic that now vote are owned by the same parent company!

Top has bargains at times, lately it has been meat. I always find the beans on sale more frequently there. It's worth watching, because I often find up to a dollar a can savings on canned goods.

Hagan brands are often as good or better than the big name brands.

WinCo is a bit far for is, so we go about every six weeks. They have a very large selection of Mexican food cheap. They're vegetables are almost always lower, as well as some canned goods-- soup and pasta sauce in particular.

Costco isn't always the cheapest for food, but some things are. Just remember to take a calculator if you're not a math whizz. They give you the breakdown of the price in ounces often, and my brain is wrapped around per can prices. LOL. It is convenient to get bisquick in the large box..ditto tp and paper towels. We don't use a lot of paper towels, but they are handy when you need them. I buy micro fiber rags from Costco in the automotive section. They are supposed to take away germs even of you use them plain . They are cheap, and I use several in a cooking session so I don't cross comtaminate. I keep a bucket just for kitchen towels and wash them by themselves im hot water.

Grocery outlet has bargains. They are put of our way, so we go about once a month. Regular coffee is a fraction of the price on the stores. They have a large selection of cheeses. You never know what you are going to find. Just watch the pull dates. many are far out, but some are not. but, we have got baby food at top that was past it's pull date, and when we went back for more, the whole shelf was past it's pull date! Oops! I watch carefully the produce, sometimes, it's not as fresh as I would like.

Keep your eyes open where ever you go, the dollar store and big lots are good sources too. The dollar store takes snap, the big lots does not. Again, watch pull dates.

If you are savvy to prices, it doesn't take a lot of extra time to save about half on your bill. It is ome of the largest expenses of your discressiomary income.

What's the old sayimg, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I have the feeling that with the drought,many more people are going to be experiencing bargain shopping, unless they have a limitless flow of money LOL.

That's all my rambling for today. If you have a topic you want to read about, let me know.

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