Monday, October 22, 2012

Odds and ends

I don't know what to talk about, I wish I could get feed back so I know what you want to see. Don't think that all food has to come from the major grocery chains. Many bargains come from the dollar store, grocery outlet, and big lots. I am sure there are more stores, but I haven't the time to hit them all. BARTELLS has sales frequently too. I try to cluster my shopping trips so I dont waste gas.

Just a few notes. My daughter got sweet potatoes at the dollar store yesterday. Betty Crocker made them. They , I believe ,no longer make them. The pull date is far out.
They are really good and are easy to make. Think chicken, pork chops, turkey.

I found baby green beans, organic, for .25 and Gerber snacks for 4.00 for three cans at big lots. I also found bread dipping oil in a unusual bottle.

The grocery outlet always has cheap regular coffee. I think that they have some designer ones too.

They usually have an assortment of specialty cheeses , some low fat. Red peppers were.50. You have to know your prices, not everything is a bargain and check pull dates.

They have a yummy chicken, artichoke and cheese sausage. YUM. My husband likes it, and he hates chicken! I don't think that I would pair it with sauerkraut though! The Mexican peppers in a can were 1.00 and .69. I bought one of each so I could compare.I have been looking for peppers that were under a buck. Parmesan cheese was 3.00.

The main thing, is that you have to know what things cost elsewhere to know if something is a bargain.

The way I look at it, if I find something for .50 instead of 1.59 I have 1.09 left in my budget to spend on something that adds to our quality of life. We can go out to dinner or to a concert, or buy things for the women's shelter, or take our grandchild on a boat ride.

Years ago, I grocery shopped on the cheap because I had little money and I really needed to. It became a habit. Now it is a game to see just how good we could eat on a limited amount of money. It's a challenge. Anyone can go through a store and just pick up everything they want to eat, but it is a challenge to do it for 70.00 a week and grow a stock.

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