Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meals from the ads

This week is a good week to stock up. A lot of the canned goods are on sale at TOP for .67. the beans especially are cheap. I have been paying less for tomatoes and I am not sure how much the green beans are at Costco. I don't usually stock a lot of canned veggies.

Chicken is .88 at QFC. That's about half the cost of a three pound deli chicken.
That's the cheapest I have seen them. It's a good buy if it isn't southern grown.
It's not hard to get three or four meals off of a five pound chicken. Most deli chickens are three pounds. Anything under three pounds means you are paying for too much bone, and not enough meat. It's really quick to roast off a Ken. See earlier posts.

I got a coupon from QFC for free eggs. I don't spend a lot on food at QFC, but we spend a lot on meds.

Cream of mushroom soup is .69 and tuna is on sale as well.


1) roast chicken
2) chicken chimichungas
3) quiche
4) pizza
5) stuffed acorn squash
6) meat ball subs
7) tuna casserole

It has long been a trick if our mothers to make best use of the sales to plan the weeks meals.

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