Friday, May 31, 2013

Analysis of couponing

Happy weekend!

I have done the extreme coupon thing-- 6 coupons in one transaction.  I took all the .50 off each item Buy Five at QFC and  found every coupon I could find. And, I found a coupon that made the crest toothpaste free.  

Most coupons are for things I wouldn't buy.  Some of these things I wouldn't buy if they weren't soo cheap!  

HORMEL chili 1.29. Less QFC discount .50 makes .79 less .55 on two coupon nets .52.
La Victoria salsa is 1.99 less QFC discount .50 is 1.49 less 1.00 on 2 is 1.00
Dingy Moore dinners 1.99 less QFC .50 is 1.49 less 1.00 makes it .49.  
Bacon bits are 1.99, less QFC .50 is 1.49 less 1.00 made them 1.00
I got chilies for .79. , a bargain to fill on to ten.  

I would have normally bought the chilies when I find them on sale as well as the salsa and the chili.  
I don't think I would ever buy the dinners, too expensive, but I like a lunch on the shelf for those hectic days and the size is perfect for my granddaughters lunch when they were fifty cents.  Add a fruit cup and she has a good lunch..I haven't figured out the bacon price, but I probably wouldn't buy them again either

.  They will come on handy on the boat.  We have a very small old but comfortable boat.  I have no stove and the kitchen is two feet square. I still manage to make the same dinners as I make at home, but I have an electric frypan, and a electric saucepan to do it with  and I have to use one at a time. I have thermos bowls to keep things hot.  I am a real fan of BBQ and one pot meals! lol

As far as coupons go, I think I will stick to things I would normally by, which probably will be few and far between. I have enough toothpaste to last me the year., I paid a buck total.    If I can find healthy cold cereal near free like the coupon ladies say, I will get some for summer.  I don't want to coupon unless I can make it worth my while.. Like in ten minutes or less.   I can make more money cooking from scratch and stocking at rock bottom prices.  Speaking of rock bottom prices---Beans and vegetables are 15/10 again at TOP.  That makes the, .67 .  That's stock up time.  I found veggies for .59  at  BARTELLS, ,but you can't count  on reaching sales of the same food product at Bartells.    This is a good time to stock up.  Beans are a good staple, full of fiber and protein.

I am running out of things to talk about.  I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.  There is a comment section below.  

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