Saturday, May 25, 2013

Target prices

French fries 1.00.  Dollar tree
Pasta. Less than 1.00....last time .49
Diced tomatoes .48 to .60.
Pasta sauce .78-.85
Soup less than .75
Chili 1.00 or less.  Last time 2/ 1.45
Beans ie kidney etc. .67

I used to pay 2.00 a brick for cheese.  Now I saw 8 dollars this week.  I can still get two dollars a pound.  If  left in the shrink wrap. It lasts a long time.  ALBERTSONS has two dollars a pound this weekend with a coupon.  Check the ad and coupon connections.  I didn't get it because I am we'll stocked.

Black olives...less than a buck. I find my best luck at Winco.

Refried beans.  Fifty cents is nice, but I haven't found that for a while. I like. .78 , I just for a case for 7.00.  I need to check Costco again.

Instant mashed potatoes.  I get some in a pack with a lot of varieties.  Retail about 1-29.  I get them for as low as .88 My limit is a buck.

Greenbeans and corn. .50 range.  Bartells had Libby's for .59.  I for green beans for .33 at Winco.

That's 12items even of you count French fries which really don't meet the criteria.

Watch for a good price and buy when the price is good.

If you are on snap, you can't do that unless you watch the junk food and individual packaged stuff and stick to five dollar dinners. You have to save some money aside for stock.  Your reward is that you will be stocked and never have empty cupboards.  Eventually you will see a day when you can
Plan a months worth of meals from your pantry and just buy your perishables.

start by cutting out the junk food, and buying what is on sale cheap of the protein and vegetable line.
Look for the target prices on your staples.  Watch the inserts and for coupons to ,
match up with good buys.

FREE IS A VERY GOOD WORD. If you have access to a computer, join the rewards /store cards of the chain stores.  If you don't have a computer, borrow a friend or relatives computer to at least do a one  time only to get the specials.  Sometimes stuff is free.  This week I got a yogurt for free.  Paired with .40 off of six yo plaits on sale for .50. Made for two almost free yogurts.   the two averaged .05 each.

QFC gives free stuff too.  I got eggs free and frozen vegetables free.

Frozen vegetables are a buck at the dollar store.
The Dollar Tree takes coupons.  If you can match up any coupons, the item can very well be free.
Must make sure that the item doesn't exclude trial size and the brand names match up.
I got 2pepperoni and a box of tissue for free.  Three bucks can translate to 2.5 pounds of cheese or a pound of hamburger

Big Lots does not take snap.

I refuse to take a large amount of time on couponing and the extreme couponing tricks don't work in this state.  I don't think you can get overages, and the only double coupons I have ever heard of is when ALBERTSONS print some in the Sunday paper occasionally. certainly not free reign.  taking every item off the shelf unless their is only six or so left of a product is rude.  Leave something for the next person.  I never buy more than 6-10 of a product.   Am not the only one  that needs or wants to get a bargain! LOl

I don't want to spend more than an hour prepping  for a shopping trip including meal plans.  Give yourself a few weeks to get the hang of it.  I figure If I  save four thousand dollars a year, it is worth my time.

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