Wednesday, May 22, 2013

good recipe file recipes

I found several recipes on Betty for really good picnic and summer food.
Most of them call for a least one Betty Crocker  product.  Many of them are adaptable to use other ingredients or making from scratch.--cheese garlic biscuits are just a bisquick biscuit with some garlic powder and grated cheddar cheese.

Slaw dressing calls for Greek yogurt.  I got one for free this shopping trip.  But, sour cream or less plain yogurt would work too.

One calls for suddenly salad.  I would look on the box and get an idea do what was in it.  I for pasta for .49 a pound this week.

look on the website for
Grilled corn with lime butter
Pesto dipped accordion potatoes
BBQ beef with creamy slaw with cheese-garlic biscuits
Layered Mexican Party Salad, you can adapt to feed less people
Layered summer fruits salad with creamy lime dressing.  I would adapt the dressing and the quantity
Triple chocolate bars sound really yummy and expensive.

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