Friday, May 24, 2013

Planning shopping trip

I thought I would go through my mindset for prepping for my shopping trip.
The fridge and pantry are about  full.  This is a small fill in the holes trip.

  • I have printed the ads post on my blog.  
  • Analyzing it, I pick SAFEWAYS only.  They have more of what I need on target prices.  
  • Printed Just 4 You list.  .  
  • Checking egg, salsa, and yogurt stock.  yogurt is free
  • Making meal plans from what I have.  
  • Marking the things on the ad that I want and adding what I need. I am we'll stocked, so I am stocking at a minimum.  
  • Checking for coupons
Grabbing the ad , just4 you list, my list, coupons.  

  1. Hot dogs, potato salad, veggie plate, corn ( buns , dill pickles)
  2. Sausage bean soup, bread
  3. Tacos, refried beans, lettuce and tomatoes  ( ICEBURG LETTUCE, salsa)
  4. BBQ pork sandwiches, corn, fruit salad ( raspberries)
  5. Salmon, rice,  fruit salad
  6. Chunky veggie pasta, salad, bread
  7. Mac and cheese, green beans
2 beef
2chicken or pork
2 vegetarian
1 fish

Hot dogs were B1 G1 last week.  On sale this week too
Sausage is cheapest at Costco
Hamburger/taco meat was Batch  cooked when it was on sale.  
Pork was on sale earlier in the month and we sliced it thin and froze it, buns were on for a buck.  
Salmon was at Winco for free.
Cheese was two dollars a pound at ALBERTSONS
Pasta sauce was .78 and pasta was .50.

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