Sunday, May 26, 2013

The little things that count

It's  the little things that count.   Sometimes when I am making a card, it's that little bow or button that makes  the difference between whether a card is over the top or just a card. likewise,  all the little thinges you do sometimes taking just a few minutes can make a real difference with a food budget.

Finding and using one or two coupons.

Signing up for a store card, or rewards card

Taking time to plan your meals and recognize days that you need a super quick and easy meal.  

Taking the time to defat your ground meats and put them on portion controlled bags.  

Making taco seasoning.  Five minutes once or twice a year saves a lot.  

Today, we went to rite aid.  Toothpaste was 2.99.  It had a up reward of two bucks.  I also had a coupon for .75.  I got four.  That makes four tubes for a buck.  

I have watched a lot of extreme couponing and read a lot lately.  I don't believe in hoarding or buying 93 bottles of hot sauce when no one I know could ever use that much in a lifetime! LOL But, there are lessons to be learned from watching them. The toothpaste senecio saves 11.00.   Saved three dollars on pepperoni and tissue at the dollar store, and the pepperoni retails for 3.50.  Four packages would be 14.00.  I paid 2.00-- a savings of 12.00.  Free brats was a 4.99 savings.  

Last big shopping trip it was a buck off of eggs, and .75 off of dill pickles.  
And, I spent a limited amount of time clipping some coupons.  I only bother with the things that I would actually buy if I didn't have a coupon.  My only exception would be if I had something for free and I felt we might like it.  

I guess I am saying all those dimes, quarters and dollars add up and pretty soon you are a lot of money  ahead.  

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Ps I ran on to a guy on the Internet that was cooking 5 dollar dinners
he made. Loaded potatoes, tuna patties, pork chops, Mexican rice and refried beans, and quesidas.
And pizza.  Each five dollar meals.  

Better, cheaper, faster

PS again....I called the SEATTLE TIMES.  They will deliver the Savings Source and Proctor and Gamble coupon inserts to you for free if you don't have a subscription for the paper.
206-464-2111.  They come out on Thursday.  

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