Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally Friday / Safeway 10.00 coupons

It's finally Friday and I have errands.  I bought  a punch at Michaels. This the third time I bought something at Michaels that was either broken or used.  I am also going to take my toothpaste stash to the women's shelter.  I have been getting toothpaste for cheap or free for months.  Driving my husband crazy,  he kept saying , we don't need any more toothpaste !   LOL.  imagine his surprise when I start the stash again!    I get to work a whole year on it this  time.

I digress,were talking about food.  groceries on the cheap is not about hoarding.  It's about stocking enough of the staples that you use on a weekly basis to last you until it goes on sale again.  Sales run on a 8-12 week cycle.  Now enter the drought situation to mix things up.  Try to keep a at least three month supply of the things that you use weekly.  Things like mayonnaise, catsup and mustard, I keep one ahead and when I open the back up one, I start looking for a sale.  That stuff usually goes on at picnic time.  Catsup and mustard are always at the dollar store.

This won't happen overnight.  It comes a can here and a box there.  If you are short on space , get inventive.  I once used an ottoman that had storage in it.  One lady took a garbage can and put a wood round on top and covered it with a cloth.  Some people just have two of the storage boxes from Home Depot that have tops in the corner of the kitchen.  Whatever works.  Growing up, we always had a storage room in the basement.  When we moved into a new house, Dad would put up shelves.  My parents would also mark the top of the cans with the date it came in the house .
We didn't have the convenience foods that we have these days, but they are a sure way to inflate your food budget to the max.

I am going to make quick breads this week end. at here is a good apple one I found on Betty Crocker, an orange one on the food channel, and I got a pumpkin bread box from Costco.  With the cost of pumpkin it is cheaper than scratch.  My son makes pumpkin pie from scratch, but I haven't ventured into that yet.

Ok, as promised, I am reading the SAFEWAYS fine print.  It's so done, I am using a magnifying glass.  Basically, the ten dollar coupon includes all FOOD  items after sales, except dairy,  it has to be used in one single transaction before Oct. 15.  There are two of them,  if you aren't going to use two, be a good neighbor and share with someone that will.  That random act of kindness can really make someone's day.


HORMEL ready made entrees are on 5 dollar Fridays.  There is a printable for a buck.  They are almost a pound to 22 ounces,  scratch is higher if you are talking beef,  some of them we have tried are yucky to coin my granddaughters expressions.  The beef tips are good.  And they are a good way to make a five minute dinner.  They will feed a typical family of four, or three adults.
There is also one on Lloyd's ribs.  That makes sirloin tips about 3.20.  , the same price as a pound of sirloin.

Digiorno pizzas are on also.  There is a coupon for 2 dollars off two.  Also a net of four.  Or 3.20 net.

Remember you are also getting another twenty percent off od you keep your spending to fifty dollars.

Eggs are 1.25.  Net with the coupon 1.00

Frozen fruit bars are 2.49  and there is a 1.10 coupon net 1.39 less twenty percent 1.13.  I'm thinking they would be good for kids sore throats,   Sooth the throat, vitamin c ???? LOL

Just for you coupons need to be store coupons to make the manufacturers coupons work. I checked, they work.  So, you can use a Safeway coupon, a manufacturers coupon, and also get to bucks off of fifty dollars.  Bring your calculator.  Note your net prices.

Golden grain pasta is .50.   There is a coupon for -50 on coupon connections.  I really like the word FREE.

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