Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

I got the ads for Fred Meyers and rite aid Sumday.  Nome of them were anything to write home about.

I am going to have to use so,e divine intervention to find something in the store that is a bargain to use my up rewards before they expire.  LOL. The CBD ravioli that I got 8/5.00 at big lots is 1.50 each at rite aid with the up rewards.  I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, but it is on the list for the title 1 schools weekend packs.  I can make two entire dinners with desert for the 12.00 they would cost at the rite aid-- for a family of four.  It sounds like the criteria is  individual packages of things that older kids can make themselves.  no child should go hungry.

By using shopping strategies , and stocking, something like spaghetti and a green salad and a pudding can be had for 6.00 easy.  Ditto a chicken dinner .  Chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables. Ice cream.

The  Sunday paper has another ad for ALBERTSOMS.  Cheese is 3.99 with a coupon in the ad.  Apples are .88.  Often apples are discounted another dollar if on a bag at ALBERTSOMS.  Tillamook yogurt is .25 with a coupon.  There are manufacturers coupons out there too.  I got BOGO.  Jiffy pizza crust didn't exist.  Tomato sauce was .25.  Tomato paste is cheaper at Costco last I checked.
Sour cream is .75.  Tuna and clams are a buck.  You can make a hearty meal with two cans of either thing.  Cured bandages are a buck and there is a coupon out there.  Check couponconnections if you are in the Seattle area.  Other areas have coupon match up sites too.  Google for the one in your area. They match up good sales at your local grocery stores with manufacturers coupons to get the most bang for your buck.

You can use a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon.  In Washington, I have never seen it where you get money back for using coupons at grocery stores.  At SAFEWAYS, if your item is .99 and you have a coupon for a buck, you coupon is not usable with that transaction.  You can make money at rite aid.  Yes, I'm some instances you can make money by buying a product.  That is, you get the product and they pay you To buy it.  You, however, can't like you see on extreme couponing, buy 93 of them!   LOL.  I still wouldn't take advantage of the offer if it was something I wouldn't use or couldn't take to the food bank.  I have seem these deals on baby food and toothpaste and mouthwash.
This helps if you are on snap that doesn't pay for toiletries or paper products.  I almost always get toothpaste for free.  I have been getting toothpaste for free and saving up.  I'm going to take a basket of it to the women's shelter for my birthday.  Sometimes I gave my mom a gift on my birthday, the ultimate Mother's Day.  She's gone now, but I can do something in her memory.

I guess that's all.  I, behind and have order to get out soon.

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