Monday, September 30, 2013

Rite aid trip

Just went to rite run....

I got my candy for 25 percent off...I love chocolate for no carbs!!!!!

I also got the Mac and cheese cups my granddaughter loves for 2.00 for four,  they are 1.39 each.  W up rewards.
And taco kits for 1.50 with up rewards and a coupon.  That is really close to the price of a package of taco shells.  You can get both hard and soft shells in the same package and taco seasoning and sauce.

There is still a clearance rack, not much there at Lynnwood. I did get a Sid video  for baby for 1.75.
They have chairs, Mickey and princess and stools, and lap trays .  

That's about it.  

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