Thursday, September 26, 2013

Terrific Thursday

It's Thursday already.  This week in some ways has flown by.  A bit of frustration  with insurance companies, but it's behind us now, so we trudge on.

I still haven't found time to research the coupons and the ten bucks off SAFEWAYS yet.  Otherwise, I am not seeing much to shout home about in the ads.

Oranges are a buck at ALBERTSONS.  I like to make orange quick bread because it is inexpensive.  I found a recipe on line that takes the whole orange.  I have made them in the past that just use juice and the rind.

ALBERTSOMS also has whole fryers for a buck a pound.  If you have not used chicken this month yet for your once a month choice, it would be a good time.  The difference in price between a deli chicken and from scratch is remarkable.  You don't know where the chicken from the deli comes from and you should NEVER buy a chicken less than three pounds.  There is too much bone to meat ratio. In other words, you are paying for too much bone .  We don't eat the bone.  ALBERTSONS deli chicken is 5.99 for contrast.  It is probably 2-3 pounds.  At three pounds, that would be two dollars a pound.  It takes ten minutes to put a roast chicken on the oven.  1/6 of an hour .  Six times three bucks is 18.00 an hour.

I wash the outside.  Clean the cavity and dump some salt in it.  Stuff it with anything I have got laying around.   An apple, piece of onion, lemon or orange, maybe a piece of rosemary if I have it in the garden.  Massage the skin with olive oil.  Sprinkle some salt and pepper on it and shove it on the oven on a roasting pan.  Roast off at 375 degrees.  I have a thermometer with a probe.  It beeps at me when the chicken is up to temp.  I also check it with am instant read.

ALBERTSONS also has eggs on coupon for .98.  Eggs for dinner is a good way to cut your dinner costs, a very inexpensive source of protein.  My family loves quiche.

I always check coupon connections in case I missed something.  A lot of coupons are for things I don't buy because even with a coupon, they are too costly. There are, however, some things that  are regular items that are cheaper.  Tillamook yogurt with a coupon last week was 2/.25. Instead of .70.  I would have not bought it at that price, but at .125 cents, we can drizzle it on fruit and have a good desert.

Oatmeal is 2/3.  A really good buy.  Oatmeal is a really good healthy breakfast.  It cooks quickly on the microwave.  I cook it for a minute, and then for an additional 30 seconds.  If it isn't stiff enough, an additional 30 seconds.  This keeps it from boiling over.

In addition, I use it on banana -blueberry bread and oatmeal cookies.
Sugar is 1.49 for four pounds.  Cheaper than the sale at rite aid.

That's about all.

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Please share.  I would be interested in teaching a class at a church or civic center in the Seattle area, I am trying to reach people that need to know this information.  Food stamps are taking a cut in November and just a WAG, more people will need to learn ways to stretch a buck!


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