Monday, September 23, 2013

The plan

Part of stretching a buck in the kitchen is to reduce waste.  When you get home from the grocery shopping trip, or before,my survey the fridge and make a note of hat is left on the perishable department.  Add the things you have in you're stockpile and the new meat and veggies you just bought and make your meal plans from the list. Use the oldest of the perishables first.  Vegetable soup, sauce for ice cream or pancakes,  Banana bread, orange bread, apple bread.   Stir fry.

What else can you think of to use up bits and pieces of vegetables or leftovers?  

Cottage cheese can stuff pasta shells, replace cream cheese in a recipe, or replace sour cream in some recipes.  Sour cream can go in some cake or pound cakes.  There is a recipe out there for lemon pound cake that the big buck coffee shop sells for two dollars a slice.

Milk can make pudding or clam chowder, or any cream soup.  You can use up a little it of a vegetable with that too.

Radishes take on a whole new taste when you roast them.

I bought vanilla yogurt for .125 last time, I plan to use it over fruit instead of whipping cream.

So next time something is about to expire, think at to with a different light!  

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