Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bogus post : dollar tree sold me the wrong newspaper. None of these are true!

Hands down, Fred Meyer has the best prices on Thanksgiving food around, especially of you didn't wait until the last minute to buy your staples.

Turkey is free if you spend 150.00.  It is better than the if you spend at other stores because Gred Meyer has more than food and you can also get a head start on Christmas or get the other things that you may be missing! like a roasting pan etc.  bakeware is buy one! get one 1/2.

Apples are .98
Canned veggies are 2/1.00@@
Triscuits are 3/5@@@
Truffles 2/5
Cranberries 2/4
Berries 2/5
Ice cream 2/4@@
M And ms 2/5@@$$
Coffee 5.99
Potatoes(boxed) 1.00$$
Yams 2/3@@
Pumpkin 2/4@@$$
Cranberry sauce 1.00

@@ means in ad coupon
$$ means there is a manufacturers coupon also check coupon connections.

Rite Aid

Colgate toothpaste .99 net after up reward and there is a dollar coupon .  I love FREE, it's even better if they pay you a penny to take it out of the store!
Zantac 8.99 less 5.00 coupon in the Sunday paper. ( if you don't get the Sunday paper it's a buck at the dollar store all week and you will still be momey ahead!

Be sure to check coupon commectioms.  Remember a bargain isn't a bargain if it's something you don't use.!   I only take stiff even of ot is free unless I can ise ot or know someone that can.  I don't need 24 tubes of free toothpaste, but the women's shelter or food bank can use it.  It is an easy, inexpensive way to help someone.

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  1. Just to let you know I appreciate your blog and even though busy I try and read it every day! In the past two weeks I did an ad match at WM, and got 5lb bags of sugar .99 cents and bought 3! Pumpkin .69 a 15 oz can, got 6. Farmland bacon, 2.99 lb package, and I am going to have to hide that from the BF! I got 2, and one gone already! A treat 4.99 lb for a Tbone, more than half off. We have not had steak in a long time but at 9 dollars for 2 enjoyed, I used ads from 3 stores, and did not do the math, but got at least 100 dollars worth of groceries for 52 dollars. I am working on my ad match today for the week. I tend to shop and stock, and not every week, but as needed. We do not have the same stores as each other, but practice the same principles.. and close in age! I have had some well issues and without my frugal ways, I would not have 1900 dollars saved up to pay for that! My BF has had type 2 diabetes for a long time,( and did not take care of it) and now on insulin once a day. IF not too personal, can you give some ideas how to save money and cook for someone who is watching carbs? I can not afford to have him eating giant portions of proteins, which is his solution. I buy all the food right now. I have some background in nutrition, and know that veggies should fill his plate, but not easy to get him to do that? Or keep a balance. He is a decade younger than me and in the food business. I am a lifetime member of WW, and can measure and weigh etc. So ANY suggestions would be appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for writing.. you make my day. Susan ( I have to use Antonymous to post)