Saturday, November 16, 2013

Suddenly Saturday: what to do with what you got!

We went shopping Yesterday.  It was a short trip.  I went to the doctor, but the computer messed up my prescription , so I haven't had any relief yet. going to the physical therapist Monday.

 I did no matchups and got what we were out of fresh food wise and 2 chickens because they were .79 a pound.  When stores are gearing up for a holiday, there are not a lot of real food sales.

I don't usually bake a lot for the holidays.  Everyone has made it perfectly clear that they don't want any part of rich deserts.  I don't want food to go to waste.  I do make a "treat " for thanksgiving when I can.

Pilgrim Hats

Chocolate thin wafer cookies
Regular sized Reese's peanut butter cups
Frosting in a bag or put into a zip lock bag with the tip cut off.
Place wafer on a plate.  Place a small dollup of frosting to glue the upside down Reese's to the wafer.
Make a buckle in the center of the side of the hat.  Perpendicular to the plate.

They are really cute.  I found chocolate wafers at SAFEWAYS In the cookie isle.

I digress

What to do with what you have.
I would, obviously pick chicken for my Stock meat for the week.
Don't forget your matrix.   it makes it pretty easy to do meal plans.

Our matrix is

2 beef
2 chicken or pork
1 fish or shellfish

Fruit seems to be relatively inexpensive.  Especially apples, pears, and oranges.
Lettuce seems to have taken a hike, maybe fruit salads and fruit and cottage cheese is in order.
Making a fruit and cottage cheese salad is a good boost to protein if your main dish is falling short.
Dairy seems to still be cheapest at Costco.  Milk, however is a buck at Freddie's often and butter is 3/5.

Again, I can't stress enough that knowing your prices is your best defense against paying too much.m
Jimmy Dean  sausage is 3.99 at TOP for a pound.  It is 2.30 a pound at Costco .  Also, don't make your meal plans etched in concrete before you go to the store,  at SAFEWAYS this week, for instance, the pumpkin pies were boxed too soon and were wet.  The grapes were ugly.  You just can't predict what you are going  to find or what the quality is going to be.  no one grocery store is perfect, and no one grocery store has all the best prices.  Shopping more than one store hedges you for the best prices  and chance at the best produce.

On another note, food stamps have been cut 5 percent.  Add that to the thirty percent increase on meat prices on average, that's a big dent on an already short budget.  I really would like to reach more people that need to cut their food bill and still eat well.  I think itmos the right person at the right time kinda thing.

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