Monday, May 19, 2014

One hundred dollars a month, really?

I am imcensed  about a series on a local channel about groceries .  This woman claims to feed her family on a hundred dollars a month.   I say the word claims because, I am not seeing anything that backs up her figures.

For starts, she grows her own veggies.    That is hard for a normal person to do.  It's fine of you have a green thumb and the time and space.  Actually I can grow good dandelions, but that's about all.  I am lucky to get the weeds cut down, let alone grow food.  I swear I have a black thumb.   I can't tell you how many corn crops that netted us a bunch of corn stalks with no corn.   LOL

Second, I read a shopping trip.  It was for 33.00. Not 25.  She bought pop and BBQ sauce.  She did not buy enough protein in any form to feed a family of four.

I am really not convinced that she can feed a family of four on that amount of money without not counting something.  I read her blog before.  It doesn't count if she gets food from her endeavors.  Glad paid her 1500. To buy food so show what the average family wastes in a year on food.   That money   doesn't count.  When the travel, their food doesn't count.

Besides she stages in her blog that so far this year she spent 745.17 on food.  HELLO, this is  mid May, last I looked.  One hundred times 4.5 is 450.00, not 750.00.

I rest my case.  I wouldn't feel bad if I was having trouble feeding my family on three hundred dollars a month.  This woman is not for real.

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