Friday, May 9, 2014

The basics, part two coupons.

We all have our preconceived notions about coupons.  I have had them too.  I went to an extreme couponing class with my daughters trying to keep an open mind.  The extreme couponing show has tainted our opinions about couponimg.  Trust me, it's  a lot of bull.  Stores have coupon policies, and most of what goes on on that show is against most of the policies.   And, who needs 99 bottles of hot sauce anyway.   I have never, well almost never, got momey back when I bought something.  I say almost never, because with up dollars at rite aid, I have been paid a few cents to buy things a couple of times.

There are coupons everywhere.   Mostly I get the newspaper on Saturday from the dollar store.  A friend brings me the inserts so I have a few.   I put the months inserts in a file folder.   I download cpupons from the Internet on  It's the main clearing  house for coupons.  Basically, as I understand it, there is on,y one data base.  The manufacturers want to track how many coupons are out there.   High money coupons go first.  There is a limit on how many can be printed.  They come out the first of the month.   Those coupons go in a binder I got at a flea market for a buck.   I use plastic pocket sheets meant for pictures.   They are just the right size.  

I only print the coupons for things I would normally buy. Last month there were almost no coupons for real food.

Every area has coupon match up sites that match what's on sale at the chain stores with coupons.   Ours is  Lately some stores are not there and current.  Google coupon matchup sites/ your major city and see what pops up.  

I check the sites and then pull the coupons from the imserts.  Be sure to wrote e date on the cover.  The date is on the spine on really really done print.  It's best to put the day you get the paper on the front.  Makes life easier.  

Walgreens and Rite aid have food and obviously heigene items.  I have done really good at rite aid.  Walgreens is a lot more complicated.   We don't have a cvs.

I can usually save about six  dollars a week.  Lately that has been harder.  

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