Saturday, May 17, 2014

Suddenly saturday

It's Saturday. We didn't grocery shop yesterday because I was sick. Going to clean house today.

Groceries on the cheap is based on the assumption that a person has a minimum amount of money to spend on groceries. It won't hard to spend more, or adapt to fit a special diet.   It's hard to learn how to make so on a small budget and still eat adequately.   Top ramen and potato chips for  dinner os not an adequate diet.   LOL

We had time to kill in between errands on Tuesday, so we went to grocery outlet.   I always find good, variety cheeses at grocery outlet. Often they have chicken sausage with cheese and artichokes. So,e things are more expensive. Again, it pays you to know prices.  

It also pays you to think out of the box and make things work when stuff happens.  We have a cooler in the car  and fill it with bags.   Our city and neighboring cities have a plastic bag ban and charge for grocery bags unless you bring your own.  Our city doesn't charge for the bags, but they are expensive.  We use recycled boxes at work whenever possible.

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