Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Terrific Tuesday , recipe addition

Another what to do with what you got.  It's  officially spring now that Memorial Day has happened, right?    Although the backyard fairy hasn't done his magic in our backyard.  Usually by Mother's Day we have the deck planted and the deck furniture   up.  Last year we had a mishap with the wind and the top of the table is now in a bag, reduced to tiny shreads of glass.   I found a table that was in disrepair, but had good glass, so we are making a good table out of two.  

I digress.

Betty Crocker this time had a piece on foil packets.   I have done a blog on foil packets before. I will try to find it and repost.    Basically, it's the concept of taking a square of heavy foil, ( or a double piece) spraying ot with Pam and building and dinner in a mound.   Seal the foil and grill it off or bake ot on the oven.  It makes for a no mess dinner ( no pans, no dishes) . Kids love ot and mom loves the no dishes.   You can also tailor the packs to suit different tastes.

This is the second time I have done this blog today.  The first one fell apart!  LOL
So much for doing a blog at three in the am.

I have done blogs on foil packets before.  The kids love them,  they are like camping out;and moms like them because there are no dishes.  They are a good way to do dinner ahead and not have to cook in a hot kitchen.  They can be cooked in a oven or on the BBQ.  You can use up leftovers and tailor each persons packet to their taste.

Veggie Chicken Packet.

uses bone in chicken breast. Sometimes I have purchased them for 1.25 a pound.

For EACH packet

2 T instant rice

1chicken breast 1/4, or about 4 punches. ( the size of the palm of your hand.
1/ cup sliced carrot
2onion slices, separate into rings
1/4 cup peppers, sliced thin.
1 T water
1 T w sauce
2tsp soy sauce
1 T butter

Place rice in the center of a 14 inch square piece of foil

Top with chicken and veggies
Mix liquids together
Pour over chicken.
I would cup the edges of the foil first.
Dot with butter.
Fold foil around chicken and seal.
Place n baking pan and bake at 350 for 65-75 minutes or until chicken is done.
Open foil carefully, there will be steam!!!

I know the purists would say that I am filling the landfill, you can use used foil.

It would be a good recipe for a busy day. Even a older child or a culinary challenged spouse could put the packets on pan and get them started in the oven. LOL

You could also use already cooked chicken and shorten the time. Yhen you would just worry about how long the rice and veggies would take to cook. It would really be fast if you used leftover rice, maybe even finely chop the pepper in with it. I have a thing about white food. It needs colour. LOL

There is an earlier post on foil packets. It's a good thing to do when you are working late and you can fix them ahead for someone else to shove in the oven. Kids like the packets...it's like camping.

There are a lot of foil packet meals on the Betty Crocker website that are updated with more

sophisticated flavors.

Basically you take a 12 in square piece of foil ( or splice two smaller ones together) and layer

A gravy or some kind of liquid.

Wrap the foil around the dinner and seal.  Make individual packets.  The foil becomes your dish.
Bake at 350 to 400 until done.

I started this blog to help people cook good nutritious meals on a tight budget. it came to my attention that some people on SNAP were running out of money before they ran out of month. we eat on about 1/2 of the USDA statistics for a thrifty plan. It is doable. no, we are not on SNAP. In the process, I have learned that other people that want to get out of the kitchen faster because they have busy lives and people that like trying a new recipe like it as well. It can't help anyone if they are not motivated to try. Not having food in the house at the end of the month should be motivation enough. It doesn't make your child or children feel secure when they know the cupboards are empty.

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