Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shopping Trip

I did go to SAFEWAYS yesterday.  I had gone to Fred Meyers on Tuesday, so I didn't need a lot.   I had a five dollars off twenty coupon.  We got a hive pizza for five bucks.  We can get two meals off of that pizza adding a green salad.    Corn on the cob is 6.2 or three for a dollar.    We usually have half of an ear each.   Corn is a real treat, we do t get ot often.  Now is the time to stock up on picnic bums because they are cheap.  Or better yet, go to the bakery outlet Monday.   The bread that doesn't hit the groceries after the weekend run is there.

I got turkey for sandwiches with a coupon.  They had croissants for five dollars a box.  It's a great, but it love them for sandwiches.   I rounded out the shopping trip with grapes and berries.  

Just for you is a savings tool from SAFEWAYS.  You sign up and can load basically coupons onto your Safeway card.    That's where I got the five dollars off of twenty.   I see they think 1.2@ for whole chicken is a bargain.    You have to know your prices and keep a heads up.   This is hard at this point in time because prices are rising.  

I went to the goodwill yesterday.   They are a good source for food magazines with some great ideas (.50) and cookbooks, so,e of them are cheap. Also garage sales.    I found an old crockery cookbook with an abundance of soup recipes.   We like soup for dinner. Especially when it is cold.   I found the organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup at Costco.  It's about two dollars a box there, upwards of four at the regular stores.   I add fresh basil if I have it and  some blue cheese...yum!     Round the meal with either toasted cheese or cheese and triscuits and fruit.

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