Friday, July 31, 2015

Five things you can make

Fove things you can make from a package of ham cubes.  I used to be able to find ham cubes at grocery outlet.  Last time I found them at Winco, the time before at QFC.    They are between three and five dollars.    The packag is a pound that packs a lot of punch!   I wouldn't make all of these on the same week, but it am be frozen on portions and lasts quite long I'm the fridge.

You,can make  :

  1. Ham and scalloped  potatoes 
  2. Ham and pineapple pizza
  3. Ham and peppers pizza 
  4. Ham in scrambled eggs 
  5. Ham in Cobb salad 
  6. Ham in Mac and cheese 
  7. Ham in split pea soup
  8. Ham on bean soup ( white)
  9. Ham in potato soup
  10. Mixed with grated cheese and mayo on a toasted sandwich or on English muffins.   

You save able to get four ,ears from a pound package.adding other forms of protein.
Anyone thinking of other ideas please feel free to comment.  

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