Friday, July 31, 2015

Hamburger hack!

Hey Jane. How do you tell which hamburger is cheapest?  

Haggens has 20 percent fat hamburger for 3.99.  QFC has 8 percent fat for 5.99.    I have a five dollars off 25.00 coupon.    

Let's skip the coupon for now.   
The math : 

20 percent fat hamburger calculates to 3.99X 1.20 or 4.79 a pound 
8 percent fat hamburger calculated to 5.99 X 1.08 or 6.47 a pound 
Difference.  1.68

To evel the playing field, the twenty percent hamburger can be defatted to being it down to about three percent fat or less.   

1) fry the hamburger over medium heat until no longer pink.  
2)  Drain it into a colander ( over a pan if you don't want the grease down the drain.). 
3) Now, pour boiling water over the crumbles.   
4) portion control it onto freezer bags after cooling a little or return to skillet and make taco meat.    

This technique is supposed to reduce your fat by at least 17 percent.   

Now, 3.99 X 1.03 is 4.11 for the cheapest 
And, the more expensive sis 5.99
Difference is 1.88 a pound less.  

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