Thursday, January 28, 2016

The ads

Yesterday, we went to QFC with five dollar off twenty five dollar coupon.    The closer you stay at the twenty five dollar mark, the better buy you get.    Five off of twenty five is twenty percent.   If you spend more, your percent off goes down.   I spent 25.06.    I didn't use a calculator, I just kinda added on my head.   QFC has a two week ad.

I bought meat, eggs, and fruit and vegetables.  All were on sale and I used coupons.

I then went to Winco and filled on the few things that I still needed.    I still haven't found white beans at RBP, but I picked up two to get me by at .68.   Winco does not have white beans with their brand on them.    My husband informed m after the trip that we are out of French fries.  That's hard for me to believe, so I'm going to have to make my way down stairs ( no easy feat with my hip) and make sure no one put the right thing in the wrong bin.   Our freezer is organized by bin.   All vegetables , frozen potatoes, and meat by categories are in their separate bins. ( dollar store) when the bin is getting low, someone is supposed to tell me.  I don't  get downstairs often.  It's a challenge.

Buns for hot dogs and hamburgers are 3.50 at our neighborhood store.   The hot dog buns I got were .68.  That is a remarkable difference.   Usually, hamburger bins are .88.   They are a little smaller, but since  I am counting carbs, that doesn't bother me.   Sliced black olives in a small can are a good buy, more oroduct for your buck and they were lower than the usual .70.  Coffee was 5.88.
 Total 28.56 for both stores.  

Safeways and Albertsons ad
Again, not much there that is a bargain.  I used  to find good prices at Safeways.    Now, I am spending more at Fred Meyers and Winco.

Buy 5, save 5
Cereal 1.99-2.49.
I don't buy cold cereal much.   If I do, it's in a bag or at Costco.    Sugar coated cereal is another way to jack your bill up.   Granddaughter likes mush (oatmeal) .
BBQ sauce .99
Kraft salad dressing 1.49$$
Mayo 2,99
Coffee 6.99$$ maxwell house

Pork chops , seasoned B1,get three.   The last time they had this price, the packages were 25.00 and netted 2.00 a pound. With a coupon!

Five dollar Friday Safeways
Ff wings
2 lbs cheese
Pudding ring 2/5

Five dollar Friday Albertsons
Chilli 5/5

That's  about it.  

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