Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tomorrows ad- Fred Meyer and notes

Feb 2nd, Tuesday, is senior day at Fred Meyers.   Ten percent off private label food and regular merchandise ( with exceptions).  This is in addition to any other coupons  or discounts.   There is a twenty percent off housewares coupon in the paper.  

There is a coupon off red Barron pizza in the paper ( insert) .  Note that next weekend will be the sale of the year on pizzas.   I haven't found any DiGiorno or Freschetta coupons. But they will probably appear either on or in the inserts.  I do try to find red Barron on sale cheap.   We add our own toppings and I basically use it for the crust.   Sometimes ,  I don't feel like making crust from scratch.  

Private selection ground beef 3.99 ( senior ten percent on Tuesday) 3.60
DiGiorno pizza 3.99.
Nalleys chilli .99@@
Red Barron 3.19$$
Mission tortillas 1.00$$ makes them .75
Johnsonville smoked sausage 2.99- coupon?  
Private selection fruit pie 3.49 - 3.14 on Tuesday for seniors.  

That's about it.  

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