Monday, January 25, 2016

What to do with what you got.

I am hearing that the biggest problem about meals is knowing or getting inspiration about what to cook.  I decided I would try to take what I purchased on sale yesterday, a lot of which was 1/2 price or more and make dinner plans.   Having a list of meals might give someone inspiration.  

First, I got up this morning and put the chicken in the slow cooker and put a loaf of parmesean peppercorn Italian bread in the bread baker.    I'm on the road to a chicken orzo vegetable soup and French bread for dinner.  

  1. Chicken orzo, vegetable soup.   Italian parmesean peppercorn bread . 
  2. Chicken pot pie. ( frozen mixed veggies, 1/2 chicken breast cut up,1 recipe cream soup base, and a Bisquick crust.   
  3. BBQ chicken thighs and legs.   French fries ( five pounds for about 3.00 at Winco) blueberries and oranges ( oranges are a buck a pound or less everywhere, Blues were five for 18 ounces) . 
  4. Bacon, waffles. Yogurt parfait a ( youngest, blieberroes, granola.   ) granola is at dollar tree, yougert  was .40 with a coupon at FM, ) 
  5. Roast chicken breast, mashed sweet potatoes,  mixed vegetables.  
  6. Tomato basil soup.   Parmesean pepperoni bread sticks ( Bisquick CB)  soup is at Costco in a box.   
  7. Pizza - add cheese and pepperoni 
  8. Pizza - add cheese and pepperoni 
I still have artichokes, cornbread and rice mixes.    
Other meals 
From ground meat 

  1. Shepherds pie 
  2. Spaghetti and meatballs 
  3. Meatballs, broccoli rice, white sauce. Mixed veggies.   
  4. Sloppy joes. Use buns from Winco (.88) and sloppy joe sauce ( catsup, water, dry mustard, liquid smoke, ground pepper 
  5. Hamburgers ( rest of the buns) 
  6. Chilli, beans, corn bread 

From pork chops 

  1. Stir fry and rice   ( stir fry vegetables are 1.29 or so at Winco. Cook rice from dollar store, add cooked park chopsmthatnaremcut into small pieces.    
  2. Pork chops, browned and put on top of bread dressing with Apple and dried cranberries.    Salad 
  3. Pork chops, mashed potatoes w bacon ( .60 with coupon at Winco) crazed carrots 

I could go on forever prolly, but hats a good start.   



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