Friday, July 20, 2012

And you buy your groceries...WHERE?

You would be surprised how many stores carry food . Some are cheaper and some have a limited amount. The Dollar Tree stores have a couple of isles of food. Some of it is off brands and I usually steer clear of off brands. Some of the items are more money than what you can get them on sale for at the regular supermarket.

My daughter goes there for school supplies. She picked up a box of " Larry the cable guy"'s beer bread for a joke for her father. I fixed it , not wanting to waste money. It is actually good. It is kind of like cornbread, but with a finer texture and different taste. I understand from someone, that the cornbread is not as good. 

Salami and pepperoni is a dollar a package instead of the 3.50 a package that it is in the store. It's a name brand and has a far out pull date. I always check pull dates on food.

As a side note, I always get facial tissue and other cleaning products and paper products there because they are cheaper. What I don't get there I get in bulk at Costco. Almost always, soap etc is more expensive at the grocery store than getting it at the dollar store or at one of the department stores ( like k mart or wall mart.) I don't count these items in my grocery budget, and try to keep them to a minimum.

BARTTELS sometimes has good buys on a select group of food items.

Basically I am saying keep your eye open everywhere you go and don't pass up a bargain just because it is in an unusual place. Stick to name brands that you have tried before.

I would draw the line at the side of the road! Lol.

Someone asked me why I do this blog. I don't get any money for doing this blog.

I learned how to shop from my mother. During the Nixon era, when we had double digit inflation, I was a single mother, we had double-digit inflation, I didn't get a raise in three years , and seldom got child support. Something had to give with my budget and since I had the cheapest car I could find and had already turned off the heat in some rooms, there wasn't much else I could economize on. Unfortunately, a lot of middle class people were in the same boat. I read everything I could get my hands on about saving money on groceries. After the crisis was over , it was a habit and became a game that freed up some resources for other things.

To make a long story short, I am doing this in the hopes that I can help just one person that is in the dire straights that I was in to get through a hard time. 

The single mom that doesn't want to take a second job to make ends meet and would rather be doing something with her kids.

The senior that has little left after paying medications reaching the donut hole.

The family that is trying to save for a condo.

The family that can't quite afford the orthodontic bill or college Fund for their kids.

The family whos breadwinner is laid off.

I am sure there are more situations, but you get the point.

Whether it is a game, you enjoy the recipes or the time savings, or you really need it, I hope that you enjoy the blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


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