Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's on sale where !

Surveying the ads for this week.


Country style ribs. 1.97
Blueberries 3.00
Yellow squash / zucchini 1.00
Black olives 1.00 ( I have not done the comparison between sliced and whole olives. I suspect that the slices are cheaper, because of less air and juice in the can.)


Hamburger helper 1. ( it's still too expensive )
Buns 1.00
Frozen veggies 1.
Chicken .89
Blueberries 3.00
Lettuce 1.00
Corn 3/1.00

SAFEWAYS &&5.00 off 20.00 purchase.

Milk .99 1/2 gallon
Pasta 12-16 ounces .88 ( get the 16 ounces)
eggs 18/ 1.99 coupon

Best foods 1.99

Spinach and salad .99
2.79 lean ground sirloin
Grapes 1.49
Tomato 1.29
blueberries 3.00


Chicken .79

Not a lot out there
Remember to cross off everything that is cheaper somewhere else. Mark coupons, sign up for jfu. And bring the ads and coupons.

I suspect there is going to be big sales in the next few weeks. Canned tomatoes are still a buck.

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