Friday, July 27, 2012

Specials I just found 7/25

Just for you at has a lot of specials worth talking about.

Eggs are a buck.
Barilla pasta is .88 limit 10
.50 off two Safeway frozen veggies (I have not checked the reg price yet, but there is a reg coupon for them too. I don5 know if you can double dip, I suspect not.)
Milk 2.19
1.00 off best foods
2.50 off farmers garden pickles ( I'm going to check them out too)
salad is .79

Also, BARTELLS has minced clams for a buck and my husbands roast beef hash for two bucks...yuk...he eats that when I go out with the girls LOL

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  1. After I got back and posted my sales slips, I see that I saved more than I spent at all three stores.