Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting started on a dime

First, I thought I might talk about how you start acumulating a stock when you haven't many resources.  I managed to do it on a dime years ago. Just start by omiting the junk food (popcorn is an inexpensive substitute) and not buying anything that is premade or  a high price. Invest what is left over from your grocery money into something that is low priced.  If there is nothing that particular week, save the money for when it is.  The old envelope trick.  Slowly one can at a time, you will accumulate a stock. 

If you are on SNAP, just buy what you need from sale items and add what you have to have.  You
don't need pudding cups, fruit cup, potato chips  and hanburger helper. LOL.  It might me a culture shock for the kids, but they will get over it and learn to eat healthy foods.  There are a lot of kids shows that talk about healthy food and you will be doing your kids a favor.  Lessons learned now will follow them the rest of their lives.   You will be surprised how much you can save for a stock.  It is really comforting not to worry about where your next meal is coming from; that stock gives you a sense of security.  Grocery stores want you to buy the junk food, they have the highest markup. 

My dad had a job where your worked when there was work.  My mother was a stay at home mother and we never knew she was economizing. We always had good quality food.  We never had snack food or ready made food.  We thought everyone ate like that.  We all learned to buy groceries by her example. 

Off the soapbox. 

Meals from Grocery ads

Eggs are 1.29 a dozen at QFC. 
Chicken is .89 Northwest grown. 
corn is 3/1.00.( 1/2 an ear is a serving) pick large ones.
lettuce is a dollar. 

Lettuce 16 ounces for .99-salad
blueberries 2.99
Ground Beef 2.29 pound

1)  Quiche. leaf lettuce salad with blueberries and balsamic vinegrette. (Bisquick Box )
      ssusage from costco )
2)  BBQ'd chicken thights and legs, corn on cob, salad
3) Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes, Brocolli ( last week's 1.00 a pound)
4) Pizza - with last weeks motz. cheese, chicken and red peppers. 
5) Cheeseburger macaroni, green beans, (last week)
6) Taco Soup
7)  shrimp stir fry with yellow summer squash, red peppers, celery and carrot.  , rice

When it is a slow week at the grocery store bargain parade, rely on  previous weeks bargains to supplement.  If you store your veggies properly, they will last two weeks.  --except maybe lettuce. 

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