Sunday, September 23, 2012

Check this Out !

Yesterday, We were on our way to the bread outlet. I needed some French bread for a group. We were passimg the business Costco, so we went in to look. If I could get the bread there, it would save time and gas.

They had the bread for the same price as the bread store. They, however did not have regular bread for the same price, so it doesn't eliminate our once a month bread run.

But it brought to mind that not everyone knows that anyone can go to the business Costco and they have all kinds of things that the regular Costco doesn't.

I buy sugar free coffee syrup far cheaper than the grocery store. Cornmeal was half the price of the grocery store. They have a jus mix cheaper and more selection of spices.

Bulk beans are far cheaper and they have more variety. I would probably get with a few friends and split a bag--twenty pounds of beans is a LOT of beans. LOL

Good hamburger has always been cheaper in rolls.
Cornstarch and salt are really cheap in bulk they don't go bad and I haven't had to buy them for years.

Blue cheese was 17.00 and change for 5 pounds. It is 12.00 for two cups at TOP.
We, however didn't think that we could use 5 pounds of blue cheese crumbles.

Not everythimg is bigger portions, but a lot is.

They are not open the same hours as regular Costco, and not open on Sunday.

It's one of those places that I hit about twice a year and stock up on things like coffee syrup that I don't buy often.

It also works well if you have to feed a crowd for some reason. You can buy large packages and things that are semi prepared, and when you have the daunting task of cooking for twenty it is probably worth the little extra money. Do the math, if it is something that you use often for your family and find out if it can be used up fast enough and is it cheaper than buying it and prepping it yourself.

If you live near a Costco wholesale, it might be worth an exploration trip. The gas, by the way, was eleven cents a gallon cheaper the day we went.

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