Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meal plans from the adds 9/20

Safeways has an electronic coupon that goes om your Safeways card. It is worth your time to set it up.

3 dollars off 15 dollars worth of produce.This works on the sale produce too that is an additional twenty percent.
Brownie mix .99
Coffee 6.99
Pasta .67 limit 3
Regular sale mashed potatoes are a buck

Meal plans from the adds

1) sirloin tips over rice, green salad
2) salmon , rice pilaf, green beans
3) Dagwood sandwich, veggie sticks
4) roast beef, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, green salad
5) cheeseburgers, fries, veggie sticks
6) Mac and cheese, fruit salad
7) chicken thighs, ( see recipes last weeks posts)

These meals are based on what I got from WinCo, and Safeways and Top. Albertsoms also has a lot mostly what I have already stocked.

Sirloin tips are from steak at S for 2.99, make enough ric to make pilaf the next day.
Dagwood sandwiches a Friday special at . Use it soon or the breadn gets soggy.

The roast beef is from top. Roast off one, have roast beef for dinner and after it cools off, slice it thin in meal sized portions for a jus sandwiches and freeze in sealable bags. Grind the other for hamburgers.

I got chicken thighs ar WinCo. They are also a buck at Albertsoms.

There are a few plans that are over five bucks, but the mac and cheese and chicken thighs should bring the average down to five bucks .

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