Friday, June 21, 2013

Finally Friday

It is  Friday and the weekend chores are here again.  I grocery shopped on Wednesday and Thursday because we have a project we need done this weekend.  I need to roast off a chicken and cook a marathon batch of ground beef for our vacation.  I intend to get food ready and frozen so that I can make easy meals.

I have a 2 foot square kitchen and have to cook for a vegetarian and a semi vegetarian as well as us.  It's a challenge.  I have to cook one thing at a time.  I plan to do taco night and some foil pouches.  That way, I can put what everyone wants to eat in their packet and have my husband cook them on the BBQ....and no washing dishes in a teacup of water! LOL.  Salmon will work for one day.  Everybody eats salmon!  Speghetti!

  1. Taco night
  2. Chicken Alfredo packets
  3. Hamburger stew packets
  4. pizza
  5. Salmon 
  6. Soup and sandwiches
  7. Speghetti 
  8. Sloppy joes
That does it 8 meals that are camping, boating friendly with 1.5 vegetarians.

There  are a lot of meals that with precooking meats, can be done easy and quick.  there is no need to slave over a hot stove if you don't want to.  It just takes a little planning.  Having a plan keeps you off the what's for dinner stressor when everything is frozen.  if you precook meats, frozen is not a problem.  You can thaw and reheat taco meat in a few minutes.  While it is thawing, you can chop tomatoes and lettuce and get out the grated cheese.  Open a can of refried Beas and get it ready for the microwave.  In fifteen minutes flat, you can have dinner on the table.  

Meals from the ads

  1. Hot dogs, coleslaw, French fries  --I buy only Nathan's or Hebrew national hot dogs.  Coleslaw was a buck at SAFEWAYS and French fries are at the dollar store.  
  2. Pizza pork chops, orzo, green beans -- crockpot fare!  Betty Crocker web site.  
  3. Roast chicken , orzo, spinach salad -- chicken was a buck at IGA
  4. Tacos, refried beans -- good ground beef is 2.99 at SAFEWAYS
  5. Tomato  basil blue cheese soup, toasted cheese sandwiches. Jello parfait
  6. Mac and cheese, peas and carrots 
  7. Salmon, pesto potatoes, mixed California veggies with parm.  - calif veggies are at dollar store.  
That about it.  The salmon is well above the five dollar mark as well as the hot dogs.  The Mac and cheese and tacos and tomato soup  and chicken bring the average down.  

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