Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday madness.

Momday again.  I received an insert from the Sunday paper last night from a friend of my husbands.
Fred Meyer has their ads running from Sunday to Saturday.  

They have really good produce buys this week.  I can wait until midweek when I am due to shop again.  

Peaches or nectarines 1.28
Broccoli .77
Green onions, radishes 3/1
Eggs .99@
Hillshire farm sausage 2/5@
Sour cream 1.00
Butter 1.99@
Oscar Mayer lunch meat 3.29
Cheerios 2/4
Braille pasta .89@ limit 4.  Coupon for .75 any two. Makes it 2.06 for four.  

Note: there are coupons out there for the Cheerios, the Braille pasta, the Oscar Mayer lunch meat, and I think the sausage.  Check coupon  The coupons in the paper are Fred Meyer coupons,so you can stack them.  I love it when you can double dip.  

I have been watching more videos, but it all comes down to the fact that the people that are saving the 90 percents are doing it in states that entertain double coupons.  I normally save 1/2 of the national average, and nearly half of the USDA  guidelines for thrifty meals WITHOUT coupons. Some weeks I add another ten percent off.  I don't spend a  lot of time at it.  My life is too busy to spend 10-60 hours a week on couponing.  Most of the coupons  out there are for non-food items.  We don't spend a lot on toiletries.  Pretty much, we get shampoo and soap from Costco as well as Toilet paper and laundry soap.  I have been getting toothpaste for free.  A co worker tells me she got toilet paper for free too, as well as getting cash back at IGA when  her coupon was for more than the item.  I have never heard of that in this state before.  I know that some of the large  chains state they won't do that on their coupon policies.  

Just a note, Rite Aid   has ice cream buy 1 get one.  And bleach nets 1.50 after up reward.

ALBERTSONS has coupons, Basicly giving you an extra 10 percent in the Sunday  paper. 
3/30, 5/50, 10/100.  Strawberries  June 23-25.  

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I'm going to go get my coupon box and see what  matches!   

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