Wednesday, June 26, 2013

just a note and COUPON MATCHUPS

I was surfing the web waiting for my meds to kick in.   Found a really good video on u tube.  It wasn't her subject that caught my eye, it was the fridge behind her. She  had a magnetic calendar for her appointments, a meal plan calendar with shopping list, and a goals of the week sheet with a honey do list section on the bottom.  The only problem I saw was that I have had magnet boards before that scratched the  fridge.

Her subject was meal planning. I thought it was interesting that she included her husband  in the process.    It wouldn't work with mine, his suggestion would bet bacon, bacon, bacon!  LOL

She obviously, has small,children.  Made happy face plates with crackers, bologna , cheese stick and apple slices, raisins, and craisens in the mouth!   Cute.


Kraft mayo is 1.99 and there is a coupon in the ad for .50 off netting 1.49. Limit 2

Hebrew national hot dogs are buy 1 get 1.  Looking for a coupon.

Yoplait is 10/5. Printable coupon for .40 off of ........

buy Five nets 1.88
Fiber one bars
fruit roll ups

There are coupons for Cheerios

Check coupons,com. For printed coupons.

I guess that's it.

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