Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday deleted itself. ARRH

happy Sunday

I will do a quick recap. Just love maritime wifi.

I have started to read the Tightwad Gazette.
She covers ways to fix things, repurpose things, and how to in general, save money on just about everything.
She also covers how to look at a mix that you really love, and figure out how to DIY. I have purchased mixes before and dissected them. Sometimes you would r e a l l y be surprised what you are paying for...or maybe the right word is aren't paying for. If you really like something, buy one and figure out how to make it yourself.

Teaching a child how to grocery shop and be frugal about it is a lesson every child should learn. you hope they will never HAVE to use it, but it's a good lesson to have in their back pocket. Kinda like sewing on a button and heming a pair of pants and changing a flat tire. I like the idea of groceries on the SNAP allotment just to raise awareness of hunger in America. One idea was to do it for a month and give the savings to the food bank.

With coupons, you can get toothpaste for free frequently. I am saving it for the women's shelter. A good low cost way to help the community-- you have to pay the tax!

The Tightwad Gazette talks about the snowball effect. It kinda goes like this: If you save money and reinvest the money to buy something that will save you money, it gathers momentum and you save more money. surely, the money I have in CD's aren't gathering much money. Saving 50 percent on your groceries is more than you will get in any bank now. I don't ever remember in all my 60 plus years when a bank paid 50 percent on anyone's money. LOL

I had an anonymous commenter that stumbled on to my blog. First, thank you for writing. Second, I would love to know how you stumbled onto my blog. Finally remembered that my children set up a thing on Facebook. Mi will have to get my children to teach me how to use it! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

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