Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally Friday

Its Friday again, my grocery shopping is done for the week.  I averaged 70.50 a week for the second quarter of 2013. The first quarter it was 74.70, for an average of 72.60.  I have a comfortable stock, and I buy for  my husband and I and we and supplement my daughter and granddaughter.  The amount we spent is well below the USDA statistics for thrifty cooking.  Their statistics are for what you actually eat.  It doesn't factor in stockpiling.  I am try up tring to get the weekly amount down.

Last night I got JELLO pudding cups for 1.00 less and .80/2 coupon.  There were 1.00 coupons, but I couldn't find them in my paper.  It made them .69omformfour servings.  I don't think I could make tapioca pudding for that.  I probably  wouldn't have purchased it, but I get a little lax on my standards for vacation.  Cooking with a electric frypan and saucepan in a 2 foot square kitchen gives me the excuse to be a little lazy. on the boat, we have storage and efficiency

Last  night we had hotdogs for dinner.  They weren't on the meal plan, but they were close to their pull date.  I think what I am trying to say  is there are times  when we break the rules. We just can't make a habit of it or we will break our budget.

I'll finish now that we are settled in.   Had to quit midstream, literally.

I talked about foil packets in an earlier post. It  is one of the easiest way to beat the heat and satisfy diversified tastes.  Basically, you place a double thickness of foil on the counter.  Place  a starch on the bottom and layer meat and sauce and veggies.  Seal the foil into a package and grill them or bake them.  If I was grilling them I would start with precooked  starch or corn on the cob.The smaller  the vegetables are cut, the faster they will cook especially something dense like carrots.  There are some really good sounding packet recipes on the Betty Crocker website.  great for camping.

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