Friday, April 22, 2016

5 ways to maximize your grocery dollar

To continue the 5 series....

Five ways to maximize your grocery dollar.

  1. Make best use of coupons and rebate sites for the things that you buy regularly.  It is possible to use coupons without being extreme and still cut dollars off your grocery bill.   Ibotta gives you money on a gift card for buying things like veggies, milk. Etc.   
  2. Just say no to the snack food isle and the bottled drink isle.  You will save a ton of money making  lemonade, herbal ice tea and water.    Potato chips are one of the most expensive items per pound in the grocery store,   Opt for pop corn.   - air popped.    
  3. Portion control meat.    Serving a hunk of meat costs a lot more than putting pieces of meat on a dish,   It is cheaper to make sloppy joes than it is to make hamburgers.   Portion controlling meat assures proper protein without over-eating.   We only need six ounces of protein a day.   
  4. Do a  kitchen management inventory check mid week and factor in perishables that need to be eaten soon. Waste not, want not. Soup, vegetable stock. Stir fry?    
  5. Plan your meals.   Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.   Planning your meals allows you to feed your family a variety of foods and efficiently use what is in your pantry.    

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