Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just when you think......

Yesterday's schedule just didn't happen.   I know, €><~. Happens as the saying goes.  The plan was to work on my studio and do kitchen management and shopping,   Best laid plans.......another good reason why having a stock and a plan gets you through the hard times.

Dear darling granddaughter brought home more than her wonderful purple construction paper "w" complete with craft eyes and other embellishments,   I wasn't impressed.    After two days of disinfecting everything and shampoo sing with this product that had the consistency of snot and having no good results. My daughter found " Lice meeting You ".

So, yesterday, we all went to a place in Seattle underground complete with primary colored walls and televisions streaming the latest Disney movies.   The line outside the door had to be at least four entire families waiting to get in.   Soon there were a dozen of us in shower caps with gunky  oil stuff sprayed on our heads.    There's something very disconcerting about the thought that there is creepy crawlers on your head.   Spiders on the wall creep me out.  LOL.

Hours and more money spent  than a months worth of groceries, we came out of there deloused, complete with an appointment for a follow up and instructions to disinfect yet again and quarantine for 24 hours.   My thoughts wained  to the "louse" that brought their child to daycare with head lice and the bigger "louse " that refused to believe that's where it came from.    The forensic person knew exactly where it came from.   Needless to say, we are homeschooling for the summer.   It was a day I won't forget soon.   None of us in our collective 184 years, have  ever had that experience.

On to tomorrow,   Another day.   I plan to do kitchen management,   We had hot  dogs and oven fries and fruit salad instead of the pasta salad I had planned.  We survived.    And I plan to get down the hall to my studio.

I digress , I have two more meals to pull from this weeks meal plans, amd will take inventory and do new meal plans.    Since I will have dear granddaughter, I can prep in the morning; she loves to help in the kitchen.

Involving children on the process of meals, and kitchen management teaches them valuable lessons.  Anything from fractions when measuring for a recipe, to grouping like things in the pantry or fridge/ freezer.   They also figure out that life isn't just playing and watching videos.   I also plan to find the beach this summer.

I did get to the dollar store for disinfectant wipes and bleach.   They have pronto speghetti as well as some boxes of Barilla.   They are also a dollar at QFC, but usually pronto and gluten free cost more.

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