Saturday, April 23, 2016

Winco run

Today, I deep cleaned the fridge and took inventory.   I used a sharpee to label the bins in the freezer.   We'll see how long they stay labeled.    
Then, I went and got the haircut I tried to get a week ago,   At least I could get it 1/2 price and then go to Winco.  

Winco has pork loin for 1.38.

I got bread
2 Johnsonville sausage
Blue bunny ice cream
Nathan's Frank's
Hunts manwich
S and W black beans .69-Ibotta
Naval o ranges
 California veggie fresh bag
Yoplait yogurt
 broccoli slaw

5.81 cents in coupons , an Ibotta on the beans, and total was 31.01.

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