Saturday, April 30, 2016


TOMORROW's ad for Fred Meyers.

Turkey, ground  2.99.  Foster farms lean
Cucumbers 2/.99
Oranges .99
Raspberries 2.99
Broccoli .88
Milk .99@@
Cottage cheese 3/5@@
Frozen fruit 3.49
Zucchini .99
Corn 5/2
Beans/ tomatoes .49@@ limit 6.

Beans and tomatoes are a stock up item.    I am going to save the fm ads for a month or so and see if I find a pattern.   Limit 6.   The information I have found is that when tomatoes, the most acidic thing I can think of, were tested, the BPA level was six  parts per several BILLION.   Rinse your beans and drain them.  It cuts the salt.   Winco's  beans , limited selection of types, are .48.   Winco's  beans have water, salt, amd beans In them, period.  

It seems to me, that if something is trending, they raise the price, supply and demand.   The media and manufacturers can hype up anything to get you to buy it.   Practice due diligence and study , research, before you leap.  The Internet is a great invention, but, sometimes it does us a great disservice when it can find something wrong with everything we eat.    I read that too much kale can give you lead poisoning.  Go figure.

 Turkey at the holiday time is .69 a pound, yet because someone said it was lower in fat, it's more expensive than ground round on sale.   Earth to people, at 2.77 per pound, ground beef at ten percent fat that has been defatted is really low fat,  and more nutrition.  I buy 7 percent when I can.

The experts say, don't worry about the cholesterol , worry about the fat-- that's where the cholesterol comes from.  Also, bump up your good cholesterol.    I always cook with olive oil.    I put olive oil in salad dressing for the pasta salad.   It was fine.

I still say that moderation is the key.   We eat red meat once a week.   The other days are balanced with chicken, pork, vegetarian and fish or shellfish.   We always have fresh fruit in the house.   I buy fresh vegetables in season.   I buy frozen on sale.   Frozen veggies are picked at their peak, amd frozen and can be better than fresh, nutrition wise.

There are ways to eat good food and still economize on food.   If money isn't an issue for you, go for trending.   If you need to stick to a strict budget, a little time and effort can out good , tasty food on the table and not bust the budget.  

Four dollars a day is the target amount for people on snap.   My premise is that of you can do it on four dollars a day, spending more isn't hard.   You still get more bang for your buck.    

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