Tuesday, October 18, 2016

better, cheaper faster.

The premise of spending more time shopping and planning, assumes you will spend less time cooking.  Of course, if you have an abundance of time, is we it.  Most of us don't.

There are cooking styles to help,

  •  The favorite of many mothers is the slow cooker.there is just something  about coming home to a hot dinner that is very refreshing. Dump dinners,
  • Pressure cookers  scratch beans - 28 mnutes no soaking. Soup in five minutes.   
  • Stair step,   Cook incentive, eat twice,   A double batch of rice makes Spanish rice one night, a stir fry bed another.   Use rice and beans within rhree day. Check your food safety,   
  • Pizza. These days yiu can put almost anything on a pizza, 
  • Cook meats ahead with portion controls. 
  • Quick, soup and sandwich,    Breakfast 4 dinner,  

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