Saturday, October 22, 2016

Meal plans

I deviated from our meal plan tonight because the steak was on sale at Winco for 2.97 a pound,   I bought stir fry veggies and made a beef stir fry.  

The rest of the meat I will make a vegetable beef soup with.  

Starting Monday

  1. Sausage and roasted root veggies 
  2. Pizza 
  3. Pasta and sauce 
  4. Chicken , acorn squash, bread dressing, 
  5. Chicken enchaladas 
  6. Chicken pot pie 
  7. Baked salmon , rice medley, green beans 


  1. Sausage was a dollar at QFC.    
  2. Pizza crust, homemade. Cheese was 200 a pound,   
  3. Pasta sauce was 107 and pasta was .88
  4. Chicken breast was 128 a pound ; enchakada sauce was 3/1 
  5. Chicken was 128 a pound, veggies, crust was a Dillard for one crust.   
  6. Acorn squash was .68, stuffing was .50
  7. Salmon was 350, rice is five cents a serving, green beans were .33 a can 

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