Friday, October 28, 2016


The USDA has stats on the cost of food at home with the food dollars broken down by classes of budgets and age groups of family members,  

Our amount for the lowest group is 114.30.   Our actual including maintaining a large stock is 70.06.  
That's 61 percent of the lowest budget or a 39 percent savings, not taking into consideration that the pantry is full as well as the freezer.  

I would assume that of the 294.00 we spend , at least 50.00 is for stock.   That leaves 244.00 divided by three is  81.33 or 2.71 a day actual food eaten.    Without assuming a stock, that would be 3.27 a day.   Less than the 4.00 that food stamps is based on.  

If we can do it in a state with one of the highest COl, you can do it too.    It takes less time than the oersin that goes every one or two days to buy just what they need for one or two days.   Spending more time planning and shopping, and less time cooking just makes money and sense.   I'm still talking maybe two hours a week.  A few minutes a day to prep and cook dinner and you eat well for less.  

A child can do some of the things and it's a good learning tool.    Kids these days are computer savvy, They know what you buy.   They can print coupons.  They can separate coupons into  categories and file.  Older children can do the Ibotta thing.   Kids can help take inventory .   I usually just glance at bins or shelf space and can see if we are short.   When something is running low, I make  a mental note and start watching for a sale.   On things that I keel a limited supply of, I remember what we have eaten the week before and if it is still at it's normal orixe for me, I replentish what we used.  

Instead of buying what you need and hoping you have remembered to buy it or having to go back after you make meal plans, you have in stock what you need, and reolentish it when it's at a RBP.  
This saves a ton of money.    You never , or almost never get stuck paying full price.   That nasty f word-- full price!  

 full price.  

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