Friday, October 21, 2016

Keep it simple.

I think the  one thing that stands out about  my mothers housekeeping mantra would be keep it simple:

  • if we didn't have toys, we wouldn't have to pickup toys,   
  • If we didn't have carpets, we wouldn't have to vacuume,   
  • If we didn't have trees, we wouldn't have to rake leaves.   
  • Of we only had one towel. We could wash it once a week.   
  • If we didn't have  many clothes, she wouldn't have to wash clothes,   
  • If we didn't have a lot kitchen appliances or gadgets, we children could easily do the dishes and clean the kitchen. ( I was notorious (age 9) for forgetting to use the coffee filter.    I would have to run up the four houses to my aunts house to borrow the sieve so we could salvage the coffee) 
Simplicity in cooking is a key to cooking quickly.    Cooking quickly and simply is a way to free up more time to shop and plan meals and trips.   We are talking minimum time anyway.   Usually, I hit  two stores.   This gives you the opportunity of low prices on more things and a better variety of quality fruits  and veggies.   Better prices translates to more food for your dollar.    

Grocery shopping planning consists of going over the ads and noting what is on sale that you can make meals from-- true sales, not things for sale.   (5 minutes  )   Checking the veggie bin and the dairy supply and nitingnehat you need to fill in ( maybe another 5  minutes.  ) and meal plans.  ( another ten minutes ) .  Your savings will be remarkable.   It's more than easy to make up twenty minutes in the kitchen.   The only other time I will spend more time is when there is a buy XX , save xx.  If you can find things that aren't junk food, and find coupons, you can save lots - I have saved as much as 78 percent.   

Cooking simple.    My mother did that too.     I tend to use more seasoning and add a few extras to make dinner a bit  more special.   You can still do this in a budget.    

  • Parsley gives color and makes things a little more appetizing. 
  • Giving bread a glaze of   butter, egg wash, or milk makes tops shiny,    
  • Serving soups  with sour cream, cheese, or croutons makes them more special.   I can remember our home Ec teacher using popcorn for tomato soup.    
Scratch cooking can be as simple as using a box,   

Using recipes that take few ingredients is a key point.   

Making spice  blends and homemade mixes when you have more time is a great help.  Children can help, it's a good lesson in fractions and counting,  

Bulk cooking meat costs less money and takes less time overall.  It's very hard to pick just enough meat from a ready made package.  Buying bulk means that you can cook it if appropriate and portion control it for the freezer.  It saves waste.    You can get a months worth of food in a regular frodge freezer.  Rotating a protein buy a week to six week rotation gives you variety at the lowest cost.   

  • Boneless pork loin : cubes, pork chops, roast .  
  • Whole chicken : 4 meals, 1/2 breast, soup, dark meat 
  • Chicken breast : split breasts can be de-boned and the bones can be cooked formsrock and the meat licked for tacos or a casserole.    
  • Hamburger : crumbles, taco meat, meatballs, meatloaf 
  • Cheese - grated cheese makes the best toasted cheese.    
  • Eggs - buy a months supply when they are on sale.   Check pull dates to be a month out.
  • Beans - I keep a few cans for emergencies .  Otherwise, inkeeo dry beans,   
  • Fish - cheapest in bags.    They are individually wrapped so you can pull what you need and run under cold water.   
  • Sausage, bulk at Costco or on sale with coupons.    I fry, de-fat, and portion control in freezer bags.   
This gives you a wide variety of meats to choose recipes and does it at the lowest possible price with no waste.   

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