Thursday, October 20, 2016

Five things to buy in the bulk isle

the bulk isle is a good place to find good food cheaper.   Winco had a whole section of bulk foods.  

Five things to buy on the bulk isle,

  1. Spices: they are fresh because they have a large turn over.   Cheap.   I save small jars to reuse and make spice blends.    Taco seasoning can cost almost as much as a dish.   
  2. Popcorn: about 1/3 of the cost of bulk at Costco.   Save plastic or glass jars.  Dollar tree sometimes has glass jars.   
  3. Beans : except pinto beans are cheaper.   Pintos are cheaper at dollar tree.   
  4. Dry milk.   Powdered milk is really expensive.  It has a very long shelf life and is cheaper in bulk.   Great for an emergency and for mixes- cocoa and white sauce/ cream soup. 
  5. Yeast is a great thing if the bulk package at Costco is too much,   Pizza dough takes less than a tablespoon .
Saving glass jars is a great help.   I get labels from the dollar store.  A package lasts a long time.   I was able to pull the label off and move it to another place when I was helping my daughter with hers.  

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